My boys sitting still for a moment for me to grab a shot.

My grandson Alex, about a year old, I was the only one that could get him to smile

Alex as tigger for Halloween.  I put him on
this awesome scary background

Alex loves to get his face painted

Scary huh!!!    He is so cute!!!!!! 

Another great landmark at Vegas, thought you were in Paris didn’t you??  

One of my favorite group of women to work with.  Awesome family photo.

I do believe the little fella would’ve hurt anyone who took his cake.  This was his first birthday.


Handsome young man coming           to the door 


Farris Wheel on Santa Monica Pier

Old Train Bridge in Arkansas, just north of Ft. Smith

Who is this mysterious elf?

Don’t mess with these girls they will take you OUT!

Malibu Beach California, doesn’t that water look inviting?

Palm trees at Santa Monica Pier, Beautiful Sky, Hotel in the background that looks over the Pacific Ocean